House passes bill protecting infrastructure from trespassing in person or via drone

Rep. Diane St. Onge’s HB 324 passed the House 80-1.

“It is about providing safety and security and protecting proprietary interests,” St. Onge said.

It would create the crime of “trespass upon key infrastructure assets” for those who knowingly enter or stay on property where key infrastructure assets are located, or who use a drone to monitor or take photos, videos or collect other information of key assets without prior approval.

Key infrastructure assets would be defined by the bill as electrical power plants or nodes, natural gas and petroleum facilities, rubber or hazardous chemical manufacturing plants, railroad yard and tunnels, water supply systems, military weapon system facilities, or wireless communications facilities.

St. Onge Recognized for Legislative Work

Diane St. Onge holding a plaque in front of a Kentucky School Counselor Association BannerDiane St. Onge was honored with one of the Southern Technology Council’s first iLegislator awards and received the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Kentucky School Counselor Association in February.

St. Onge votes yes on House budget bill

28616498_1767729856612245_8878026390733730276_oRep. St. Onge voted yes on HB 200, the state budget bill. “I appreciate the work of Rep. Steven Rudy, chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, for his work to efficiently move this legislation through committee and to the House floor for consideration. It is my hope that more funding can be found for NKU and other state universities as this legislation continues through both chambers,” St. Onge said. The bill now moves to the Senate.