General Assembly Passes Jobs Legislation in First Week of Session

January 30, 2017

State Representative Diane St. Onge proudly supported new legislation in the first week of the 2017 legislative session to boost free enterprise, protect workers’ paychecks, and increase the power of taxpayer dollars in spending on public projects.
Kentucky joined 26 other states in passing Right to Work legislation, eliminating the requirement to join a union as a condition of employment. The General Assembly also passed a paycheck protection bill allowing workers to “opt in” to have union dues withheld from their paycheck, rather than the current practice of an employer automatically deducting dues unless a worker chooses to “opt out.”
The General Assembly also repealed the state’s prevailing wage law, which was criticized as unnecessarily inflating the cost of public projects, hampering school districts from constructing needed facilities, for example.
“With the passage of these critical bills, Kentucky sends a strong message to job creators that we are very serious about attracting and retaining the best jobs in the country,” Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover said in a statement.

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