Support the Backbone of Our Economy, Small Businesses
As your State Representative, I will empower local business leaders with the tools they need to prosper and grow jobs. I was pleased to be named Chair of a newly-formed standing committee, the House Small Business and Information Technology Committee. As Chair, I am working with groups in both private and public sectors to be a voice for concerns in these areas.

Advocate for Comprehensive Tax Reform
I look forward to addressing tax reform under the leadership of the new Republican House majority. Now more than ever the General Assembly must consider tax reform that recognizes we are in the 21st Century. I will continue to advocate for pro-business, common-sense legislation.

100% Pro Life and Will Defend the Unborn
I am 100 percent PRO-LIFE. I proudly supported pro-life legislation that passed the very first week of the 2017 legislative session. I will continue to work to protect the unborn.

Fight for Pension Form, Transparency and Accountability
As your State Representative, I am proud to support government transparency and accountability. As one our top priorities, we passed a pension transparency bill making legislators’ pensions accessible to the public. Kentucky‚Äôs public pension system is not sustainable. Along with my fellow Kentuckians, I am concerned about this and will work hard to support comprehensive pension reform.

Regulatory Reform
Over-regulation is one of the top impediments to businesses’ success in our Commonwealth. I will continue to expose unnecessary and burdensome mandates that restrict commerce. I strongly support Gov. Bevin’s red-tape reduction initiative as one tool to achieve economic prosperity.

Will Stand Up for 2nd Amendment Rights
As an NRA member who holds a concealed carry license, I revere our constitutional right to bear arms. I am proud to sponsor for the fifth year in a row legislation that would protect this right.